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Gospel Corner


  Angels Of Joy
118 Mighty Christian Soldier b/w There's A Man (c. 1967)
139 Shall Not Be Moved b/w I Love The Lord (c. 1969-70)
149 Mr. President b/w Don’t Let The Devil Fool You (c. 1972)
  Rev. C. L. Birden
114 Prayer b/w Say A Prayer For Me (c. 1967)
  Melvin Boyd & Fabulous Ohio Wonders
126 I’m Going To Work (c. 1968) (reverse by the Ohio Wonders)
Rev. T.M. Chambers Jr.
120 That Man Jesus, Pt. 1 b/w That Man Jesus, Pt. 2 (c. 1967-68) 
Prince Dixon
("Small-One" Prince Dixon, The Small One Prince Dixon, Brother Prince Dixon)
111 They Don't Live Here Anymore b/w I'm Going Home (c. 1967) 
116 Stop-Look And See b/w Don't Let The Devil Ride (c. 1967)
116 Stop-Look And Listen b/w Child Of The King (c. 1967)
122 April 4th, 1968 b/w Steal Away (c. 1968)
125 The Lord Has A Blessing b/w Home Don't Seem Like Home (c. 1968)
128 Another Child Of God b/w We Used To Have A Good Time (1972)
135 Keep On Fighting b/w The Crying Mother (1968-70)
146 Something Is Wrong b/w Going Home (1971-72)
  Prince Dixon and Sis. Walter Paige
128  Another Child Of God b/w Jesus He's The One (c. 1968)
  Evangelistic Crusaders of San Jose, Calif.
115 So God Can Use You b/w In Love With Jesus (c. 1967)
  Kenneth Glover
141 Showers Of Blessings b/w Waited So Long (c. 1970)
145  Just A Little While, Pt. 1 b/w Just A Little While, Pt. 2 (c. 1971)
  Gospel Five
1000 Just A Closer Walk To Thee (instr.) (c. 1964?) (a-side by Los Angeles Travelers)
  * also released on Proverb 1019
  Gospel Tones of Las Vegas, Nev.
113 Arms Around Me b/w That's All I Need (c. 1967)
121 I'm Going Home b/w You Ought To Pray (c. 1967-68) 
137 Who Wrote the Map b/w Don't Have to Worry (c. 1969)
(Hampton-Aires Of Memphis , TN)
101 It's A Blessing b/w We Don’t Thank Him Enough (c. 1964-65)
104 See How Far We've Come b/w Who Wouldn't Serve A God (c. 1964-65)
  Brother Henderson & Melvin Boyd (Ohio Wonders) b/w Brother Henderson and Pilgrim Travelers
108 A Prayer Of Faith, Pt. 1 b/w A Prayer Of Faith, Pt. 2 (c. 1966)
119 Rev. Thomas Housley & Family Of Oakland, Calif.
  Goodby World b/w God Is A Wonder (c. 1967)
Inspirational Souls
(Inspirational Souls Of Los Angeles)
142 He’s My Everything b/w Waiting On The Lord (c. 1970)
147 Won’t Have To Cry Nomore b/w Trying To Make A Hundred (c. 1972)
  Rev. W.E. Jasper (and Choir*) of Little Rock, Ark.
102 Last Mile Of The Way* b/w Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee (c. 1964-65)
  Jumping-Singing Sammie Graham & Gospel Revelators Of San Diego
145 I'm On My Way b/w How Great Thy Art (c. 1971)
  Lady Byrd
136 Never Grow Old b/w I'll Fly Away (c. 1969)
  Little West & Group-Ettes Of Sacramento
133 Glory Glory b/w He'll Understand (c.1969)
Los Angeles Travelers
1000  Just A Closer Walk To Thee (c. 1964?) (b-side by Gospel Five)
  * also released on Proverb 1019
  Magnificent Voices Of Holiness
143 Cheer Up My Brother b/w I'm Going To Work (c. 1970)
  Mighty Gospel Revelations of San Diego
138 Lord God b/w Prayer Is The Answer (c. 1969)
  Nu-Lite Gospel Singers Of Kansas City
105 Wonderful b/w My Desire (c. 1965) (c. 1965)
  Ohio Wonders
126  Why Should I Feel (c. 1968) (reverse by Melvin Boyd & Fabulous Ohio Wonders)
131 No Short Cuts To God b/w Jordan River (c. 1968-69) 
  Oxnard Jubilees
145 Jericho Road b/w Didn’t It Rain (c. 1971)
  Page-Ettes Of Seaside, CA.
108 Hold On To God, Pt. 1 b/w Hold On To God, Pt. 2 (c. 1966)
  Sis. Walter Paige
129 For The Time I've Lost b/w The Last Say (c. 1968)
  Rev. James Robbins
107 By The Grace of God b/w Closer Walk (c. 1965)
  Madama Nellie Robinson
127 Mini-Your-Dress Is Too Short b/w Viet Nam (c. 1968)
  Sensational Harmonizers Of Sacramento, CA
132 Wait On The Lord b/w Hold On—Stretch Out (c. 1969)
  Sensational Travelers Of Richmond, Calif.
130 Thank The Lord b/w Satan Can’t Win (c. 1968)
  Singing Masters
106 I Trust In God b/w The Sun Will Shine (c. 1965)
  Rev. Willie T. Snead
144 I'm Going Through b/w At The Throne Of Grace (c. 1971)
148 The Lord Will Make A Way b/w Prayer (c. 1972)
  Spiritual Five of Sacramento
124 God's Own Set Time b/w On My Mind (c. 1968)
  Supreme Nightingales Of Miss.
140 I Know A Man b/w There Are Mansions (1969-70)
  Sweet Singing Cavaliers
117 All I Need b/w Must Jesus Bear (c. 1967)
122 Hide Me b/w I Call On Jesus (c. 1968)
142 Peace And Love b/w Let Him Lead You (c. 1970)
  Sister Marie Trimble
100 Go Ahead b/w I Have A Right (1964)
  Victory Five Of Sacramento
134 John Pt. I b/w John Pt. II (c. 1969)
  Voices Of Jerusalem
112 Kneel At Jesus Feet b/w Ain't Nobody's Business (c. 1967)
  Zion Travelers
110 Amazing Grace, Pt. 1 b/w Amazing Grace, Pt. 2 (c. 1966)


Patrick Staten
Big Joe Louis
Bob McGrath (The R&B Indies, see links page)