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Gotham - Gospel in the 600 series


600 Blue Jay Singers
   In The Upper Room b/w I’m Bound For Canaan Land (1949)
601 Norfolk Four
   This Is A Mean World b/w I’ve Been To Heaven In A Dream (1949)
602 Silveraires
   Farther Along b/w So High (1949)
603 Elder Beck & His Religion In Rhythm
   There’s A Dead Cat On The Line b/w Didn’t It Rain (1949)
604 Silveraires
   Up In My Heavenly Home b/w Traveling Shoes (1949)
605 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Touch Me, Lord Jesus b/w When My Savior Calls Me Home (1949)
606 Elder Charles Beck
   You’ve Got To Move b/w He Knows How Much I Can Bear (1949)
607 Canaanites
   I’ll Tell Him b/w Lead Me To That Rock (1949)
608 Silveraires
   End Of My Journey b/w I’ve Got A Home In That Rock (1949)
609 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Jesus b/w There Is No Friend (1949)
610 Norfolk Four
   Sleep On, Mother b/w He’s A Battle Axe (1949)
611 Elder Beck and His Religion In Rhythm
   Handwriting On The Wall Pt. 1 b/w Handwriting On The Wall Pt. 2 (1949)
612 Silveraires
   The Gospel Train b/w In That Land (1949)
613 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Just Jesus b/w This Same Jesus (1949)
614 Dixie Humming Birds
   Lord Come See About Me b/w I’ll Be Satisfied (1949)
615 National Clouds Of Joy
   What More Can Jesus Do b/w Somebody Touched Me (1949)
616 Tabernacle Gospel Singers
   Now Lord b/w Jesus Put A Song In My Soul (1949)
617 Gospel Messengers
   Only A Dream b/w Won’t You Come back Here (1949)
618 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Yes, My Jesus Cares b/w Somebody Saved Me (1949)
619 Otis Jackson
   Famine In The Land b/w Sure Do Need Him Now (1949)
620 Selah Jubilee Singers
   Good Evening, How Do You Do b/w I Cried Holy (1949)
621 Five Gospel Stirrers
   Don’t Wonder 'Bout Him b/w Sleep On Darling Mother (1949)
622 Elder Charles Beck’s Religion In Rhythm
   Watch Your Close Friends b/w Lord, I’ve Tried (1949)
623 Silveraires
   Bedside Of A Neighbor b/w Journey To The Sky (1949)
624 Willie May Williams
   Don’t Want To Go There b/w Where The Sun Never Goes Down (1949)
625 Sacred Four
   Seek And Ye Shall Find b/w Since Mother’s Been Gone (1949)
626 Otis Jackson
   Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt, Pt. 1 b/w Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt, Pt. 2 (1949)
627 Angelic Gospel Singers
   My Life Will Be Sweeter b/w Must Be A Heaven Somewhere (1949)
628 Dixie Humming Birds
   Move On Up A Little Higher b/w Walk Through The Valley (1949)
629 Waldo Singers
   Jesus Is Near b/w Walking With My Jesus (1949)
630 Elder Charles Beck
   That Hellbound Train Pt.1 b/w That Hellbound Train Pt.2 (1949)
631 National Clouds Of Joy
   Don’t Cry b/w Somebody Got Drowned (1949)
632 Dixie Humming Birds
   Search Me Lord b/w Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves (1949)
633 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Remember Me b/w Follow In His Footsteps (1949)
634 Elder Charles Beck
   It Is A Blessing b/w Tell Jesus (1949)
635 Bernice Cole
   Lord Jesus b/w He’s A Pattern For Us All (1949)
636 Famous Ward Singers Of Philadelphia
   Surely God Is Able b/w I Need Thee Every Hour (1949)
637 Silveraires
   Near The Cross b/w One Day (1949)
638 Harmonizing Four
   Lord, I’m Coming Home b/w On The Battlefield For My Lord (1950)
639 Davis Sisters
   I’ll Wait On The Lord b/w He Has Away That’s Mighty Sweet (1950)
640 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Back To The Dust b/w He Never Has Left Me Alone (1950)
641 Dixie Humming Birds
   I Must Have Jesus b/w Anyone In Heaven That You Know (1950)
642 Davis Sisters
   When I Get Home b/w Surely God Is Able (1950)
643 Antioch Female Singers
   Little Boy b/w John The Elevator (1950)
644 Brewster Singers Of Memphis
   I’ll Go b/w Want The Lord To Smile On Me (1950)
645 Brother Rodney
   Keep Your Hands On The Throttle b/w Palms Of Victory (1950)
646 Brother and Sister (National Gospel Twins)
   Jesus Walks With Me b/w There Was A Cry (1950)
647 Rev. John Sellers
   Sing On My Sinner b/w God’s Love Is Better Felt Than Told (1950)
648 Gospel Stars
   What Manner Of Man Is This b/w Come Ye Disconsolate (1950)
649 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Do Lord Remember Me b/w Almost Persuaded (1950)
650 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Yes God Is Real b/w Look For Me In Heaven (1950)
651 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Does Jesus Care b/w Yes I Want To Rest (1950)
652 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   I Want Wings b/w Well Done (1950)
653 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Didn’t It Rain b/w Thank You Jesus (1950)
654 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Canaan Land b/w King Jesus (1950)
655 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   I Cried Holy b/w What Manner Of Man Is This (1950)
656 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Jesus b/w Have A Little Talk With Jesus (1950)
657 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Every Day Will Be Sunday b/w Only A Look (1950)
658 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Precious Memory b/w After Awhile (1950)
659 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Jesus Slept Right In b/w Dig A Little Deeper In God’s Love (1950)
660 Prof. J. Earl Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Get Back Jordan b/w He Knows My Heart (1950)
661 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   He’s A Friend Of Mine b/w Remember Me (1950)
662 Prof. J. Earle Hines and His Goodwill Singers
   Can’t Make This Journey By Myself b/w Somebody Saved Me (1950)
663 Angelic Gospel Singers & Dixie Humming Birds
   Jesus Will Answer Prayer b/w In The Morning (1950)
664 Davis Sisters and Curtis Dublin b/w Davis Sisters
   Footprints Of Jesus b/w Getting Nearer To My Lord (1950)
665 Watts Gospel Guides
   Why Not b/w Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (1950)
666 Harmonizing Four
   Never Turn Back No More b/w King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away (1950)
667 Willie Mae Ford Smith
   Call Him By His Name b/w Jesus Is The Name (1950)
668 Silveraires
   Shine On Me b/w Somebody’s Calling My Name (1950)
669 Brother Rodney
   He Lives In Me b/w He’s My All And All (1950)
670 Watts Gospel Guides
   Does Jesus Care b/w Prayer For Today (1950)
671 Willie Webb Singers
   Every Day And Every Hour b/w He’s The One (1950)
672 Rev. W. Herbert Brewster and His Camp Meeting Of The Air b/w Brewsteraires of Memphis
   The Hope Of This World Is Jesus b/w When I Shall Meet Him Face To Face (1950)
673 Anne C. Graham
   Have You Tried Jesus b/w God Talks To Me (1950)
674 Clara Ward
   The Fountain b/w How I Got Over (1950)
675 Angelic Gospel Singers
   Glory, Glory To The Newborn King b/w Jesus Christ Is Born (1950)
676 Davis Singers with Curtis Dublin
   We Shall Walk In The Sunlight Of The Lord b/w First Nowell (1950)
677 Harmonizing Four
   Silent Night b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boy (1950)
678 Brother Rodney
   O Bethlehem Of Judah b/w All The Earth Is Filled With Glory (1950)
679 Southern Echoes Of Chicago, Ill.
   Blessed Be The Name b/w I Want To See Jesus (1950)
680 Willie Webb Singers
   I Call Jesus My Rock b/w Alone (1950)
681 Five Trumpets
   Stand By Me b/w Jesus Is Here Today (1950)
682 Rev. C. L. Franklin
   I Am Climbing Higher Mountainsb/w Lord Will Make A Way (1950)
683 Angelic Gospel Singers & Dixie Humming Birds
   Dear Lord Look Down Upon Me b/w Standing Out On The Highway (1950)
684 Gospel Stars
   Blessed Savior b/w Call Him By His Name (1950)
685 Angelic Gospel Singers
   All To Jesus b/w Keep Me All The Way (1950)
686 Dixie Hummingbirds
   Live So God Can Use You b/w Beaming From Heaven (1950)
687 Rev. Brewster
   Give Me That Old Time Religion b/w So Glad I’ve Got Good Religion (1950)
688 Davis Sisters
   I Know It’s Real b/w Happy In Glory Afterwhile (1950)
689 Willie Webb Singers
   Want The World To See Jesus In My Life b/w Eyes Have Not Seen (1950)
690 Clara Ward
   I Don’t Know Why b/w Precious Lord (1950)
691 Rev. C. L. Franklin and the Franklin Singers
   Wings Of Faith b/w Your Mother Loves Her Children (1950)
692 Harmonizing Four
   Where He Leads Me I Shall Followb/w Jesus Is A Friend To Everyone (1950)
693 Five Trumpets
   My Chains Fell Off b/w The Lord Knows What I Need (1950)
694 Angelic Gospel Singers & Dixie Humming Birds
   Glory Glory Hallelujah b/w I'm On My Way To Heaven Anyhow (1950/51)
695 Rev. Charles Glover & Bethel Singers Of Detroit
   Glory To His Name b/w Sweet Hour Of Prayer (1951)
696 Five Trumpets
   No, Not One b/w A Hand I Can See (1951)
697 Dixie Humming Birds
   What Then b/w Down On Me (1951)
698 Clara Ward Specials
   Throw Out The Lifeline b/w Hell Never Let Go My Hand (1951)
699 M.W. Allison
   Call On Jesus In Secret Prayer b/w I Heard Mother Call My Name In Prayer (1951)





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