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Peacock Gospel; artists A-K


   Alpha And Omega Singers 
1787 That's Alright b/w I'm Happy (1958)
1806 There's A Man Upstairs b/w I Am Alpha And Omega (1960)
    Anderson Singers
1745 probably unreleased
   Awakening Echoes
3002 Heavenly Vision b/w In My Distress (1963)
3036 The Right Road b/w They That Wait (1964)
3094 Another Day b/w Born Again (1966)
3110 Leaning b/w Prodigal Son (1967)
3161 When The Lord Gets Ready b/w Oh How I Love Jesus (1969)
3172 Don't Leave Me b/w You Don't Know (1969)
   Rev. Robert Ballinger
1846 There Are Days b/w The King's Highway (1962)
1867 The Little Black Train b/w Hold My Body Down (1962)
3006 Oil In Your Vessel b/w Our John Saw The Number (1963)
3028 Two Wings b/w Somebody Saved Me (1964)
3051 Walk On By Faith b/w Streets Of The City (1965)
3066 Live The Life I Sing About b/w Sweet Lamb (1965)
   Baltimore Echoes
1820 Filled With The Holy Spirit b/w He's A Friend Of Mine (1960)
   Bells Of Joy
1584 Let's Talk About Jesus b/w I'll Work Lord (1951)
1700 Stop Right Now (It's Praying Time) b/w He's My Friend (1952)
1708 Leak In This Old Building b/w Echoes From Heaven (1953)
1716 How Sweet It Is b/w I'm Gonna Press On (1953)
1726 Well, Well, No, No, No b/w Never Let It Be Said Too Late (1954)
1738 Since Jesus Changed This Heart Of Mine b/w It Will Soon Be Over (1954)
1755 Just Jesus b/w Doing For Jesus (1955)
   Bells Of Zion
(Ray Crume and the Bells Of Zion)
3065 A Witness b/w I'll Trust His Word (1965)
3097 I'll Fly Away b/w Father Alone (1966)
3111 I Want To Be Just Like Him b/w Do You Know Him (1967)
3135 Wicked Race b/w So Hard To Get Along (1967)
3168 Lord, Hold Me In Your Arms b/w Let Me Lean On You (1969)
   Bethelhem Baptist Church Choir
(Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church Choir)
3072 Trying To Get Ready b/w Trouble Don't Last Always (1965)
3105 Rock My Soul b/w If Everybody Had Jesus (1967)
   Brooklyn All Stars
Note: for a complete discography of the Brooklyn All Stars, click here.
1782 Careless Soul b/w A Prayer For Today (1958)
1792 Singing For The Lord b/w Meet Me In Galilee (1959)
1809 The Word Of God b/w Rest Awhile (1960)
   Brooklyn Skyways
3003 If You Ever Need The Lord b/w You're Going To Miss Me (1963)
3029 I'm Coming Home b/w Seeking (1964)
3059 I've Got Jesus b/w Jesus Is Calling (1965)
3076 I Want To Ride b/w Banks Of The River (1966)
3090 Go Down Moses b/w What Is This (1966)
3134 Out On A Hill b/w I Found The Lord (1967)
3158 It's Sweet To Be Saved b/w Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (1969)
   Chariot Gospel Singers
1879 Come Holy Spirit b/w Give Up Everything (1963)
3031 That's Enough b/w My Friend (1964)
3062 Battlefield b/w He'll Understand (1965)
3103 Living On Mother's Prayer b/w Yes (1967)
3121 Tell Him b/w Thank Him (1967)
   Reverend Julius Cheeks
(Rev. Julius Cheeks and Singers, Rev. Julius Cheeks and His Four Gospel Knights)
1842 A Mother's Plea b/w What A Morning (1962)
1859 Holy Wine b/w Tomorrow's Sun (1962)
1875 Last Mile Of The Way b/w Turn Your Radio On (1963)
3009 What You Told Me To Do b/w Mother Sang These Songs (1964)
3030 Waiting (For My Child To Come Home) b/w Meditation Of My Heart (1964)
3049 Somewhere Around God's Throne b/w Nobody Knows (1965)
3112 How Far Is Heaven b/w Hide Behind The Mountain (1967)
3128 Where You Going Mary b/w Over Yonder (1967)
3169 Just Crying b/w Same Train (1969)
   Chicago Gospel Cavaliers
1874 Don't Stop Praying b/w Prayer Wheel (1963)
   Christian Travelers
1715 Well Done b/w Make More Room For Jesus In Your Life (1953)
1737 Only A Pilgrim b/w Oh What A Savior (1954)
   Christland Singers
1592 Let Me Tell You About My Jesus b/w I Know My Jesus Is The Light Of The World (1952)
1599 A Few More Days (I'll Lay My Burdens Down) b/w Peace In The Land (Where I'm Bound) (1952)
1720 I Am Too Close b/w Someday, Somewhere (1953)
1729 Keep Me (Pt. 1) b/w Keep Me (Pt. 2) (1954)
   Ray Crume
(with Bells Of Zion, with Zion-Tones)
3043 I Can Tell The World b/w God Is Using Me (1965)
3133 My Soul Is Resting b/w Take Me By My Hand (1967)
3157 He Said b/w Long Ago (1968)
   Rev. Wilbert Leo Daniels
3119 Precious Lord (Pt. 1) b/w Precious Lord (Pt. 2) (1967)
   Rev. Daniels And Mrs. W. Leo
3149 Give God A Chance b/w He Lives (1968)
   Rhonda Davis
3056 He Watches Me b/w God Is My Refuge (1965)
3104 My Redeemer b/w That's Alright (1967)
  Dixie Hummingbirds
(Dixie Humming Birds)
1594 What Are They Doing In Heaven Today b/w Wading Through Blood And Water (1952)
1705 Trouble In My Way b/w I Know I've Been Changed (1952)
1713 Lord If I Go b/w Eternal Life (1953)
1722 Let's Go Out To The Programs b/w I'll Keep On Living After I Die (1953)
1727 Live Right, Die Right b/w Prayer Wheel (1954)
1736 Will The Lord Be With Me? b/w Christian Testimonial (1954)
1740 I'm Not Uneasy b/w Sinner, Sin No More (1954)
1742 It Must Have Been The Lord (That Touched Me) b/w Take Care Of Me (1955)
1757 Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow b/w Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man (1956)
1763 Troubles Will Be Over b/w Way Up On High (1956)
1764 Thank You For One More Day b/w Get Right Church (1956)
1770 Loving Hand b/w Cool Down Yonder (1957)
1773 Live On Forever b/w Just Trusting (1957)
1780 Christians Automobile b/w Stop By Here (1957)
1783 Walls Of Zion b/w Just A Little While (1958)
1788 I Don't Know Why (I Have To Cry Sometime) b/w Let's Go Out To The Programs No. 2 (1958)
1791 Make One Step b/w Come On And See About Me (1958)
  (promo copies list "Never Fail Or Fall" instead of "Come On...")
1803 Nobody Knows The Trouble I See b/w The Final Edition (1959)
1808 I Want To Feel The Holy Spirit b/w What A Friend (1960)
1817 Jesus Hold My Hand b/w Leave Your Burdens There (1960)
1831 He Cares For Me b/w God's Goodness (1961)
1844 Have A Little Talk With Jesus b/w In The Morning (1962)
1861 Our Father's Children b/w Bedside Of A Neighbor (1962)
1889 Another Day b/w If You Trust Him (1963)
3012 Come Ye Disconsolate b/w Our Prayer For Peace (1964)
3045 Lord I Come To Thee b/w If Anybody Ask You (1965)
3073 Prayer For The Sick b/w You Don't Have Nothing (1966)
3084 The Old Time Way b/w Gabriel (1966)
3098 Only Jesus b/w Confidential God (1966)
3109 Your Good Deeds b/w What The Lord Is To Me (1967)
3148 The Inner Man b/w I'm Going On (1968)
3165 Don't Let Me Fall b/w God Is Going To Get Tired (1969)
   Dixieland Blind Boys Of Mobile, AL
3120 A Letter To A Mother's Son b/w To That Land (1967)
3156 Must Jesus Bear The Cross b/w Be Ever Grateful (1968)
   Brother Prince Dixon
1871 I'm Glad I'm Free b/w In The Arms Of The Lord (1963)
   Everready Gospel Singers
1802 He'll Bring Peace b/w All My Sins (1959)
   Excello Gospel Singers
1885 Dreamin' Of Heaven b/w Freedom After Awhile (1963)
   Five Singing Stars
1822 Jesus Is Using Me b/w You Can If You Will (1960)
1834 Memories b/w Your Time Ain't Long (1961)
1890 Let Me In b/w Been In The Storm (1963)
3019 Come On Jesus b/w Lord Jesus (1964)
   Charles Fold And Gospel Messengers
1853 He'll Fight Your Battles b/w Meet Me At The River Of Jordan (1962)
1744 probably unreleased
   Golden Harp Gospel Singers
1591 Any Stars In My Crown (Pt. 1) b/w Any Stars In My Crown (Pt. 2) (1952)
1598 Calling Jesus My Rock b/w I'll Make It Somehow (1952)
   Rev. I.H. Gordon
1573 Doctor Jesus (w. Original Five Blind Boys) b/w Seek The Lord (w. Gordonaires) (1951)
1589 In The Upper Room b/w Dry Bones (w. Original Five Blind Boys) (1952)
   Gospel Consolators
1795 I'm A Weary Traveler b/w Hold On To God's Hand (1959)
1800 Look To Jesus b/w His Precious Blood (1959)
1813 Going On With Jesus b/w Deliver Me (1960)
1825 Shout All Over God's Heaven b/w Who Should Remember (1961)
1836 He Won't Let You Down b/w Testimonial Service (1961)
1845 The Last Mile b/w Why Do Men Treat The Lord Like They Do? (1962)
1850 Who Is He (My Friend Jesus) b/w Lord Be My Guide (1962)
1850 Who Is He (My Friend Jesus) (1962) (listed as by the Gospelaires, reverse is by the Gospelaires)
   Gospel Keys
3040 Every Chance I Get b/w The Mercy Of The Good Lord (1964)
3054 Didn't It Rain b/w Have You Tried (1965)
3063 I Come To Thee b/w Let Him Come Into Your Life (1965)
3085 I'm Not Ashame b/w Back To Dust (1966)
3101 God Is Making A Record b/w Praise Him (1966)
3113 It Came To Pass b/w Nobody's Fault (1967)
3151 Sinner He's Calling b/w What He Done For Me (1968)
   Gospel Tone Singers
1596 Rest For My Labor b/w Speak To Me Jesus (1952)
1777 Sit Down Children b/w Just Faith (1957)
1781 How Much Longer (Must My Journey Be)? b/w They Don't Understand Me (1957)
1786 Let's Pray b/w It's A Pity (1958)
1793 Moving Up b/w I'll Be So Glad (1959)
1801 He Heard Me Cry b/w When I Rise (1959)
1812 Joy Joy Joy b/w Judgement (1960)
1818 I've Got It b/w Mother's Journey (1960)
1827 They Followed Jesus b/w They Won't Believe In Me (1961)
1832 Rest For The Weary b/w You Can't Make Me Doubt (1961)
1850 C'Mon (1962) (reverse by the Gospel Consolators, though listed as by the Gospelaires)
1860 C'Mon b/w Stay There (1962)
1898 Ride This Train b/w Thou Art Gone (1963)
3018 I Feel The Spirit b/w Meet Her In The Sky (1964)
3037 Only Believe b/w Good Time (1964)
3052 Never Turn Back b/w Remember Me Jesus (1965)
3079 When I Get In Glory b/w Never Grow Old (1966)
3091 Jesus Is Mine b/w Motherless Children (1966)
3115 Lord Remember Me (Pt. 1) b/w Lord Remember Me (Pt. 2) (1967)
3129 Meet Me In Church b/w Come On Join Me (1967)
3137 Traveling On b/w Loved Ones Waiting (1967)
3145 Did You Stop To Pray (Pt. 1) b/w Did You Stop To Pray (Pt. 2) (1968)
   Hardeman Singers
1886 He Lives Within My Soul b/w Children You Oughta Been There (1963)
3004 Talk To Jesus b/w Jesus Saves (1963)
3024 Living A New World b/w Remember Me (1964)
3067 Been Dipped In The Water (Pt. 1) b/w Been Dipped In The Water (Pt. 2) (1965)
3127 He Will Provide b/w All Day With Jesus (1967)
3155 What A Friend b/w Choose Your Seat (1968)
   The Rev. Mary Hatchett and the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church Chorus
1799   The Power Of God b/w The Power Of God (1959)
  Victoria Hawkins
(Sister Victoria Hawkins)
1864 Give Me Wings b/w Home Going (1962)
3022 There Is A Fountain b/w If I Don't Wake Up In The Morning (1964)
3163 My Last Time b/w By And By (1969)
3089 Save A Seat For Me (1966) (reverse side by Sister Victoria and Thelma Hawkins)
  Victoria And Thelma Hawkins
(Sister Victoria And Thelma Hawkins)
1878 Bank In The Sky b/w City Called Heaven (1963)
3089 He'll Fight Your Battles (1966) (reverse side by Sister Victoria Hawkins)
   Hightower Brothers
3007 Running For Jesus b/w Child Of The King (1963)
3020 Good Time In Heaven b/w Nobody's Fault But Mine (1964)
  Highway QC's
(Hi Way Que C's, Highway Que C's)
3033 What Makes A Man Turn His Back On God b/w Tomorrow May Be Too Late (1964)
3042 Father Alone b/w Yes I Do (1965)
3058 Walk With Me b/w So Soon (1965)
3069 I'll Fly Away (Pt. 1) b/w I'll Fly Away (Pt. 2) (1965)
3093 The Lord Is Sweet b/w I Got A Feeling (1966)
3125 Lord I Want To Thank You b/w Lord Have Mercy (1967)
3138 Going To See The King b/w Conditions Of The World (1968)
   Otis Jackson
1753 The Life Story Of Madame Bethune (Pt. 1) b/w The Life Story Of Madame Bethune (Pt. 2) (1955)
   Sister Josephine James
(Sister Josephine James and son: Roosevelt James)
1833 So Much To Talk About b/w Died One Time (1961)
1856 God Can Make A Way b/w On Our Way To The Grave (1962)
1862 Straight Road b/w When The Hour Comes (1962)
1877 I'm Glad b/w It Ain't What You Think (1963)
3000 He Arose b/w Meeting Tonight (1963)
3013 Something I Want You To Do b/w God Will Hear Prayer (1964)
3061 He'll Come To My Rescue b/w Sightseeing In Glory (1965)
3078 Look Down Upon Me b/w Lord I Believe (1966)
3106 Bless Me Lord b/w Lord Send Me (1967)
3130 My Wish b/w Jesus Will See You Through (1967)
3153 Only God b/w Every Christian (1968)
3164 Down By The River b/w There's Going To Be A Meeting (1969)
Josephine James and Bertha Robinson
1767 Leaning On The Lord (reverse side by Rev. Cleophus Robinson)
Sister Barbara Jones
1810 Be Ready b/w There's A City Over There (1960)




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