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Specialty - Gospel in the 300 Series



300 Southern Harmonizers
  These Old Bones b/w I'm In His Care (1948)
301 Southern Harmonizers
  What Are They Doing In Heaven b/w Until I Find The Lord (1948)
302 Southern Harmonizers
  Canaan b/w My Lord Is Waiting All The Time (1948)
305 Pilgrim Travelers
  I'm Standing On The Highway b/w I'll Tell It (1948)
306 Pilgrim Travelers
  Stretch Out b/w Everyone's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time (1948)
310 Pilgrim Travelers
  Good News b/w He Will Remember Me (1948)
311 Golden Keys Quartet
  He Knows How b/w God Rode (1948)
313 Pilgrim Travelers
  My Prayer b/w I Want My Crown (1948)
315 Pilgrim Travelers
  Jesus Travels b/w Mother Bowed (1948)
316 Pilgrim Travelers
  Jesus b/w Thank You Jesus (1948)
324 Wynona Carr
  Each Day b/w Lord Jesus (1949)
326 Pilgrim Travelers
  Now Lord b/w Yes, My Lord (1949)
329 Pilgrim Travelers
  Jesus Met The Woman At The Well b/w It's A Blessing (1949)
331 Golden Echoes
  When The Saints Go Marchin' In b/w When I Laid My Burden Down (1949)
333 Wynona Carr
  I Want To Go To Heaven And Rest b/w I Know That He Knows (1949)
340 Pilgrim Travelers
  My Eternal Home b/w Jesus Is The Only One (1949)
343 Brother Joe May
  Search My Lord b/w How Much More Of Life's Burden Can We Bear (1949)
345 Pilgrim Travelers
  Nothing Can Change b/w A Soldier's Plea (1950)
347 Brother Joe May
  Did You Know Him? b/w The Day Is Past And Gone (1950)
348 Wynona Carr & Brother Joe May
  I'll Serve You Till My Dying Day b/w What Do You Know About Jesus (1950)
351 Pilgrim Travelers
  Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb b/w Something Within Me (1950)
354 Soul Stirrers
  By And By (Pt. 1) b/w By And By (Pt. 2) (1950)
357 Pilgrim Travelers
  The Old Rugged Cross b/w Call Him By His Name (1950)
360 Soul Stirrers
  Feel Like My Time Ain't Long b/w I'm Still Living On Mother's Prayer (1950)
361 Brother Joe May
  I Want Jesus On The Road I Travel b/w I'm Going To Live The Life I'm Singing About In My Song (1950)
363 Pilgrim Travelers
  God Shall Wipe Away All Tears b/w Dear Lord Look Down Upon Me (1950)
364 Wynona Carr
  I Heard My Mother Pray One Day b/w Don't Miss That Train (1950)
365 Soul Stirrers
  In The Awful Hour b/w I Have A Right To The Tree Of Life (1950)
371 Pilgrim Travelers
  I Love The Lord b/w My Road's So Rough And Rocky (1950)
373 Brother Joe May
  I'm Want A Double Portion Of God's Love b/w He'll Be Waiting At The End (1950)
376 Soul Stirrers
  How Long b/w The Lord Is My Shepherd (1950)
377 Sister Wynona Carr & Brother Joe May
  I See Jesus b/w It's All Right (1950)
382 Pilgrim Travelers
  I Was There When The Spirit Came b/w What A Blessing In Jesus I've Found (1950)
383 Wynona Carr
  I Know Someday God's Gonna Call Me b/w What Do You Do When You Get To Heaven? (1950)
384 Brother Joe May
  I Thank The Lord b/w Jesus Is The Name (1950)
385 Pilgrim Travelers
  Satisfied With Jesus b/w He's Pleading In Glory (1950)
387 Soul Stirrers
  Faith And Grace b/w I'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord (1950)
388 Brother Joe May
  Our Father b/w There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere (1950)
389 Pilgrim Travelers
  I've Got My Mother Gone Home b/w Call Jesus (1950)
391 Brother Joe May
  Every Day And Every Hour b/w Didn't It Rain? (1951)
393 Pilgrim Travelers
  I'll Be The One b/w Welcome Home (1951)
395 Sister Wynona Carr and Her Echoes Of Joy
  The Good Old Way b/w See His Blessed Face (1951)
396 Pilgrim Travelers
  Let Him Be Your Friend b/w Jesus Gave Me Water (1951)
399 Brother Joe May
  Oh Yes, He Set Me Free b/w I'll Make It Somehow (1951)




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