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Specialty Gospel; artists A-K


  Robert Anderson
840 Let God Abide b/w Something within (1953)
  Argo Singers
912 Bring Back Those Days b/w What Did He Say (1959)
  Alex Bradford
(Alex Bradford and The Bradford Specials. Alex Bradford and The Men Of Song)
852 I Don't Care What The World May Do b/w Too Close To Heaven (1953)
858 He Lifted Me b/w Lord! Lord! Lord! (1954)
865 Just The Name Of Jesus b/w I Won't Sell Out (1954)
871 I Feel The Spirit b/w Right Now (1954)
879 He'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow b/w Oh Lord Save Me (1955)
886 Holy Ghost b/w Life's Candlelight (1955)
893 If Mother Knew b/w Somebody Touched Me (1956)
898 I Dare You b/w Without A God (1956)
905 I Can't Tarry b/w Steal Away (1957)
909 What Did John Do b/w It All Belongs To Him(1958)
910 He's Everything To Me b/w I've Got A Job (1958)
916 The Man Is Wonderful b/w God Searched The World (1959)
917 What Folks Say About Me b/w The Lifeboat (1959)
926 The Bells Keep On Ringing b/w This May Be The Last Time (1971)
  Alex Bradford & Bessie Griffin
915 All Of My Burdens b/w What Makes A Man Turn His Back On God (1959)
  Wynona Carr
(Sister Wynona Carr, Sister Wynona Carr and Her Echoes Of Joy)
324 Each Day b/w Lord Jesus (1949)
333 I Want To Go To Heaven And Rest b/w I Know That He Knows (1949)
364 I Heard My Mother Pray One Day b/w Don't Miss That Train (1950)
383 I Know Someday God's Gonna Call Me b/w What Do You Do When You Get To Heaven? (1950)
395 The Good Old Way b/w See His Blessed Face (1951)
826 Conversation With Jesus b/w Did He Die In Vain? (1952)
834 A Letter To Heaven b/w In A Little While (1952)
855 The Ball Game b/w I Know By Faith (1953)
  Sister Wynona Carr & Brother Joe May
348 I'll Serve You Till My Dying Day b/w What Do You Know About Jesus (1950)
377 I See Jesus b/w It's All Right (1950)
  Chosen Gospel Singers
838 One-Two-Three b/w Before This Time Another Year (1953)
849 It's Getting Late In The Evening b/w The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow (1953)
864 I'm Goin' Back With Him b/w No Room In The Hotel (1954)
885 Prayer For The Doomed b/w Stay With Me Jesus (1955)
  James Cleveland & Meditation Singers
919 Ain't That Good News b/w My Soul Looks Back And Wonders (1959)
809 Let Jesus Lead You b/w Mother Don't Cry About Your Child (1951)
822 I Trust In Jesus b/w Ride On King Jesus (1952)
827 Old Time Religion Mother b/w I Need Your Prayer (1952)
  Golden Echoes
331 When The Saints Go Marchin' In b/w When I Laid My Burden Down (1949)
  Golden Keys Quartet
311 He Knows How b/w God Rode (1948)
  Bessie Griffin
(Bessie Griffin & Consolators)
890 Blessed Mother b/w Heaven (1956)
900 Whoseoever Will b/w More Like Jesus (1956)
  Happyland Singers
(Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama)
842 Oh Lord Stand By Me b/w When I Lost My Mother (1953)
850 I'll Fly Away b/w Precious Lord (1953)
857 Does Jesus Care b/w Marching Up To Zion (1954)
870 Alone And Motherless b/w Since I Met Jesus (1954)
876 There Is A Fountain b/w God's Promise (1955)
891 Here I Am b/w I Cried (1956)
894 Living For My Jesus b/w Swingin' On The Golden Gate (1956)
901 I'm Going Through b/w Broken Heart Of Mine (1956)
903 Heaven On My Mind b/w When Death Comes (1957)
906 I've Been Born Again b/w Goodbye Mother (1957)
923 This May Be The Last Time b/w Our Father's Praying Ground (1971)
927 Fix It Jesus b/w Servant's Prayer Amen (1971)
  Prof. J. Earle Hines
804 The Day Will Surely Come b/w The Old Ship Of Zion (1951)
810 Wait Till My Change Comes b/w Come Ye Disconsolate (1951)




Tom Kelly
Bob McGrath (The R&B Indies, see links page)