LN UK 77

Solid Rock Records 277828E1 (2023-24)

The "LN UK 77" album was released on CD and 2LP as the result of a crowd funding initiative by Charles Norman. I didn't
opt in as I felt this was yet another live show and even though this was recorded profesionally, it's just one more in the
endless stream of releases that we've seen coming from Larryland for decades. Since Larry Norman's passing it all calmed down,
but the deja vu feelings were creeping all over me again. This also happened with the previous live album ("One Night In
Norway"), that I did buy, but I couldn't push myself again.

Well, what's there to say about this release? It's from recorded in London, during Larry Norman's 1977 world tour, and he was
accompanied by the Alwyn Wall Band, including Norman Barrett. It was all done professionally
and from the snippets I've heard,
it's probably an enjoyable live set. However, ALL songs are familiar for those who have been following Larry Norman a tiny bit more
than average. So...

... I find myself wandering: isn't there anything new and unheard from Larry Norman's decade (the 1970's) at all?

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