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Manor Gospel; artists A-Z


  Coleman Brothers
1003 Plenty Of Room In The Kingdom b/w I Can See Everybody's Mother But Mine (1945)
100 It's My Desire b/w The End Of My Journey (1946/47)
101 We'll Understand b/w New Milky White Way (1946/47)
102 Plenty Of Room In The Kingdom b/w I Can See Everybody's Mother But Mine (1946/47)
1055 New What A Time b/w When The Saints Go Marching In (1947)
1065 His Eye Is On The Sparrow b/w Noah (1947)
   Dixie Hummingbirds
1074 I Just Couldn't Keep It To Myself b/w Book Of The Seven Seals (1947)
   Heavenly Gospel Singers
1021 They Put John On The Island b/w Motherless Children (1946)
1033 He's My Rock, My Sword, My Shield b/w Standing On The Highway (1946)
1094 Here I Am (Lord Send Me) b/w My Life Is In His Hands (1947)
1134 I'm A Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow b/w Open Up The Pearly Gates (1948)
   Johnson Brothers
1099 Remember Me b/w I Love The Name Jesus (1947)
   Kings Of Harmony Of Alabama
1007 Precious Lord b/w Lord Give Me Wings (1945)
1024 I'm a Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow b/w God Shall Wipe All Tears Away (1946)
1043 I Love The Name Jesus b/w Have A Little Talk With My Jesus (1946)
   Sister Lillie Mae Littlejohn
1089 Dead Cat On The Line b/w Climbing Up The Golden Stairs (1947)
   Matchless Love Gospel Singers
1143 What Manner Of Man Is This b/w Dig A Little Deeper (1948)
  Georgia Peach
(Georgia Peach & Sky Light (or Skylight) Singers, Georgia Peach & Matchless Love Gospel Singers)
1008 The Road is Mighty Rugged b/w Does Jesus Care (1945)
1029 It's My Desire b/w I Got Somewhere To Lay My Head (1946)
1102 Precious Memories b/w God Don't Never Change (1947)
   Prophet Powers and Holy Mount Singers
1144 My Saviour Whispers A Prayer b/w The Tree Of Life (Is Waiting For Me) (1948)
   Selah Jubilee Singers
8008 When Was Jesus Born b/w The Lord Knows Just What I Need (1946)
8009 I Don't Know Why I HaveTo Cry Sometimes b/w Walk Together With My Jesus (1946)
  Silver Echo Quartette
(Silver Echo, Silver Echo Quartet?)
1011 Sinner Man b/w Land Of Fadeless Day (1945/46)
4000 Just A Closer Walk With Thee b/w Blind Barnabus (c. 1946)
8019 Jezebel b/w Me And The Devil (Had A Tussle) (1946)
8020 Anyhow My Lord b/w Where Shall I Go (1946)
1054 Lord Help Me b/w Hold In The Frame (1947)
1080 He Knows Just How Much We Can Bear b/w Moses Smote The Water (1947)
1133 Beaming From Heaven b/w Rock My Soul (1948)
1188 Just A Closer Walk With Thee b/w Blind Barnabus (1949) reissue of #4000
   Sky Light Singers
1020 New Jerusalem b/w Jesus Is Real To Me (1946)
1030 Don't Drive Your Children Away b/w Lookin For My Jesus (1946)
1189 Ride On King Jesus b/w I Want To Be More Like Jesus (1949)
   Rev. Utah Smith
1051 I Want Two Wings b/w God's Mighty Hand (1947)
   Summit Gospel Singers
1073 What Will I Do Without The Lord b/w Please Don't Drive Your Children Away (1947)
  Ernestine Washington
(Sister Ernestine Washington, Ernestine B. Washington, Ernestine B. Washington with Dixie Hummingbirds)
1025 Jesus Prayed For You And I b/w The Uncloudy Day (1946)
103 My Record Will Be There b/w The Lord Is My Shepherd (1946/47)
104 If I Could Just Make It In b/w Saviour Don't Pass Me By (1946/47)
105 O Lord, Remember Me b/w Never Turn Back No More (1946/47)
1071 Some thru the water and flood b/w I am going back to Jesus (1947)
1084 The Lord Will Make A Way b/w I Thank You Lord (1947)
1100 What Could I Do b/w God Shall Wipe All Tears Away (1947)
1122 Bound For Canaan Land b/w I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About (1948)
1151 Prayer Changes Things b/w We Will Walk Through The Valley (1948)
1160 Each Day b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me (1948)
1198 There's Not A Friend Like Jesus b/w In The Garden (1949)
   Rev. Frederick Washington
1091 The Wildest Creature (That Ever Lived) b/w What Are You Raising Your Children For (1947)
   Willing Four
1069 Naaman b/w You Got To Move (1947)



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