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(1948 - 1972/73)

Gospel in the 300 series
Gospel series 800-934

- Specialty 78rpm records first had black labels, than yellow (also red for r&b releases), and finally they featured the famous black and white labels with yellow (and different) lettering. Some early black or yellow label issues were later released with the black & white labels.

- Specialty 45s (yellow/white) were originally released with black, double wavy lines. Late 1957, probably starting with number 905 or 906, the design changed and featured a solid black line. Some 45s that were released with double wavy lines were reissued with a solid black line in the late 50s or (early) 60s.

- In the early 70s Specialty released a bunch of albums and 45s; these 45s were mostly reissues, but now the LP, where it was taken from, was mentioned on the labels. In the late 80s and/or early 90s many 45s were reissued again, but these could be bootlegs as well. They were exact replicas of the original issues (both double wavy lines and solid line) but if you know an original, the differences can easily be seen, especially when looking at the vinyl.

- In the early 70s Specialty also released some new 45s (920 - 934), mostly containing old recordings. No. 933 by The Melody Kings is probably the only 45 in this series that featured new recordings.

- Specialty was the parent label of Fidelity.

- All years given indicate when the record was released, not when it was recorded.

- A release number marked red, means that a picture is available. Click on the song titles to see it.


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