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Specialty Gospel; artists L-Z


  Sister Cora Martin
814 On The Other Side b/w Everyday Of My Life (1951)
  Sallie Martin Singers
808 Throw Out The Lifeline b/w Eyes Hath Not Seen (1951)
823 Until We Meet Again b/w He's Able To Carry You Through (1952)
  Sallie Martin Singers & Brother Joe May
832 Hold To God's Unchanging Hand b/w I'm Bound For The Promised Land (1952)
  Brother Joe May
(Brother Joe May & Sallie Martin Singers, Brother Joe May & Pilgrim Travelers)
343 Search Me Lord b/w How Much More Of Life's Burden Can We Bear (1949)
347 Did You Know Him b/w The Day Is Past And Gone (1950)
361 I Want Jesus On The Road I Travel b/w I'm Going To Live The Life I'm Singing About In My Song (1950)
373 I'm Want A Double Portion Of God's Love b/w He'll Be Waiting At The End For Me (1950)
384 I Thank The Lord b/w Jesus Is The Name (1950)
388 Our Father b/w There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere (1950)
391 Every Day And Every Hour b/w Didn't It Rain? (1951)
399 Oh Yes, He Set Me Free b/w I'll Make It Somehow (1951)
803 I Thanks The Lord b/w Your Sins Will Find You Out (1951)
806 Christ Is All b/w Doctor Jesus (1951)
815 In That Day b/w Precious Lord (1951)
830 Mercy, Oh Lord b/w I'm Going Through (1952)
841 It's A Long Long Way b/w Working On The Building (1953)
848 Thank You Lord For One More Day b/w The Old Ship Of Zion (1953)
860 Just Call His Name b/w Lead Me Guide Me (1954)
867 Old Time Religion b/w I'm Happy Working For The Lord (1954)
873 He'll Understand And Say Well Done b/w Lead Me Holy Father (1954)
880 It Don't Cost Very Much b/w Speak Lord Jesus (1955)
884 Jesus Knows b/w Sell Out (1955)
888 Going Home (1956 (reverse side by Annette May)
895 Grow Closer (1956) (reverse side by Annette May)
  Annette May
888 Consider Me (1956) (reverse side by Brother Joe May)
895 Vacation In Heaven (1956) (reverse side by Brother Joe May)
  Meditation Singers
866 I'm Determined To Run This Race b/w Promise To Meet Me There (1954)
  Melody Kings
933 How Sweet It Is To Be Saved b/w He's Alright (1972, probably also recorded in the early 70s)
  New Testament
924 Came Into My Life b/w Talk About God
  Original Gospel Harmonettes
(Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes)
811 I'm Sealed b/w Just To Behold His Face (1951)
816 Get Away Jordan b/w These Are They (1952)
828 When I reach My Heavenly Home on High b/w I'm Going To Die With the Staff in My Hand (1952)
833 Every Day Will Be Sunday By And By b/w One Morning Soon (1952)
839 He's Right On Time b/w I Shall Know Him (1953)
846 The Railroad b/w Where Shall I Be (1953)
861 No Hiding Place b/w Who Art Thou (1954)
869 Wade In The Water b/w Waiting For Me (1954)
874 He's Calling Me b/w You Must Be Born Again (1954)
881 I'll Be With Thee b/w Jesus Laid His Hands On Me (1955)
887 I Wouldn't Mind Dying b/w You Better Run (1956)
897 Lord, Don't Forget About Me b/w 99 1/2 (1956)
904 Am I A Soldier b/w That's Enough (1957)
925 Why Not b/w Jesus Knows It All (1971)
  Pilgrim Travelers
305 I'm Standing On The Highway b/w I'll Tell It (1948)
306 Stretch Out b/w Everyone's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time (1948)
310 Good News b/w He Will Remember Me (1948)
313 My Prayer b/w I Want My Crown (1948)
315 Jesus Travels b/w Mother Bowed (1948)
316 Jesus b/w Thank You Jesus (1948)
326 Now Lord b/w Yes, My Lord (1949)
329 Jesus Met The Woman At The Well b/w It's A Blessing (1949)
340 My Eternal Home b/w Jesus Is The Only One (1949)
345 Nothing Can Change b/w A Soldier's Plea (1950)
351 Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb b/w Something Within Me (1950)
357 The Old Rugged Cross b/w Call Him By His Name (1950)
363 God Shall Wipe Away All Tears b/w Dear Lord Look Down Upon Me (1950)
371 I Love The Lord b/w My Road's So Rough And Rocky (1950)
382 I Was There When The Pirit Came b/w What A Blessing In Jesus I've Found (1950)
385 Satisfied With Jesus b/w He's Pleading In Glory (1950)
389 I've Got My Mother Gone Home b/w Call Jesus (1950)
393 I'll Be The One b/w Welcome Home (1951)
396 Let Him Be Your Friend b/w Jesus Gave Me Water (1951)
800 Jesus is the First Line of Defense b/w Peace Of Mind (1951)
807 Jesus I'm Thankful b/w Who Am I (1951)
812 Angels Tell Mother b/w I'll Trust His Hand (1951)
817 Never Knew Joy Before b/w Lord, Hold My Hand (1952)
818 Long Ago (Wooden Church) b/w Please Watch Over Me (1952)
819 Leading Me b/w When I Join The Jubilee (1952)
820 Deliver Me From Evil b/w King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away (1952)
825 How About You b/w Leaning On The Everlasting Arm (1952)
831 Blessed Be The Name b/w Lord, Help Me Carry On (1952)
837 I'll Be Home For Christmas b/w Move Up To Heaven (1952)
843 A Hard Road To Travel b/w My Old Home (1953)
847 Amazing Grace b/w Gonna Walk Right Out (1953)
854 Go Ahead b/w I've Got A New Home (1953)
856 I'll Be Home For Christmas b/w Silent Night (1954)
862 In My Heart b/w Shake My Mother's Hand (1954)
872 It Is No Secret b/w Look Down That Lonesome Road (1954)
875 Look To The Hills b/w Weary Travelers (1954)
877 Did You Stop To Pray This Morning b/w Straight Street (1955)
883 Troubled In Mind b/w Every Prayer (Will Find It's Answer) (1955)
889 Close To Thee b/w How Jesus Died (1956)
899 Hold On b/w Bless Us Today (1956)
920 A Soldier's Plea b/w Mother Bowed (1971)
929 After Awhile b/w Your Mother Is Your Friend (1972)
934 Silent Night b/w I'll Be Home For Christmas (1972/73)
  Princess Stewart 
913 Tired, Lord b/w I'm A Child Of The King (1959)
  Reverend Rimson and His Congregation
801 Believe On Me b/w Living Waters (1951)
805 Jonah b/w Song And Sermon (1951)
  Sacred Hearts
914 Jesus Has A Blessing b/w Oh! I Know My Savior Lives (1959)
  Soul Stirrers
(Sam Cooke with Soul Stirrers)
354 By And By (Pt. 1) b/w By And By (Pt. 2) (1950)
360 Feel Like My Time Ain't Long b/w I'm Still Living On Mother's Prayer (1950)
365 In The Awful Hour b/w I Have A Right To The Tree Of Life (1950)
376 How Long b/w The Lord Is My Shepherd (1950)
387 Faith And Grace b/w I'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord (1950)
802 Peace In The Valley b/w Jesus Gave Me Water (1951)
813 Come, Let's Go Back To God b/w Joy, Joy To My Soul (1951)
821 Until Jesus Calls Me Home b/w I'm Gonna Build On That Shore (1952)
824 How Far Am I From Canaan b/w It Won't Be Very Long (1952)
835 Let Me Go Home b/w Just Another Day (1952)
845 Jesus Paid The Debt b/w Blessed be the Name of the Lord (1953)
851 End Of My Journey b/w He'll Welcome Me (1953)
859 Come And Go To That Land b/w He's My Friend Until The End (1954)
868 Any Day Now b/w Jesus I'll Never Forget (1954)
878 Be With Me Jesus b/w Nearer To Thee (1955)
882 One More River b/w I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always) (1955)
892 Wonderful b/w Farther Along (1956)
896 Touch The Hem Of His Garment b/w Jesus Wash My Troubles (1956)
902 Pilgrim of Sorrow b/w In a Few More Days (1957)
907 Were You There b/w Sinner Run To Jesus (1957)
908 Out On A Hill b/w The Love Of God (1958)
911 Until Then b/w Loved Ones are Waiting (1959)
918 When The Gates Swing Open b/w The Lord Laid His Hands On Me (1959)
921 Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone b/w The Last Mile Of The Way (1971)
928 Just Another Day b/w Jesus Is All (1971-72)
930 That's Heaven To Me b/w Lord,Remember Me (1972)
932 Going Back To The Lord Again b/w Free At Last (1972)
  Southern Harmonizers
300 These Old Bones b/w I'm In His Care (1948)
301 What Are They Doing In Heaven b/w Until I Find The Lord (1948)
302 Canaan b/w My Lord Is Waiting All The Time (1948)
  Swan Silvertones
(Swan Silvertone Singers)
829 The Day Will Surely Come b/w Jesus Changed This Heart Of Mine (1952)
836 Oh, How I Love Jesus b/w My Rock (1952)
844 Man In Jerusalem b/w He Won't Deny Me (1953)
853 I'm Coming Home b/w Trouble In My Way (1953)
863 How I Got Over b/w Jesus Is A Friend (1954)
922 I'm A-Rollin' b/w Love Lifted Me (1971)
931 Keep My Heart b/w This Little Light Of Mine (1972)



Tom Kelly
Bob McGrath (The R&B Indies, see links page)