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Listing of albums that have been released since 2004

- The numbering continues where the discography stopped.
- The order of releases is per year, but random otherwise (Solid Rock Army releases are listed first, when available)

68. The Six O'Clock News (SRA)
69. Eve Of Destruction (SRA)
70. Snowblind
71. Infiltrator
72. Liberator
73. The Final Concert / 70 Miles From Lebanon
74. Sessions
75. Heartland Junction
76. The Norman Invasion
77. And The Rampion Runs Wild (The Cottage Tapes - Book Two)
78. Emancipator
79. On The Prowl
Also (re)released in 2004: Only Visiting This Planet, Maximum Planet, Maximum Garden, Stranded In Babylon. See the discography.

80. Strong Hand Of Love/'Till Kingdom Come (SRA)
81. Underground Manouevers
82. The Very Best Of Larry Norman - Volume 2
83. Hattem
84. Siege At Elsinore
85. 4 Track Motorola - '66 Corolla
86. Live At The Elsinore
87. Ten Times Two
88. Snapshots from the '77 World Tour
89. The Norman Conquest
90. Frisbee
91. Slinky
Also (re)released in 2005: Street Level, Bootleg, In Another Land, Children Of Sorrow (?). See the discography.

92. The Road That Leads To Home (SRA)
93. Monsters
94. Wounded Lion
95. How Then Shall We Live?
96. Best Of People! Vol 1.
97. Best Of People! Vol 2.
98. Dust On Rust
99. Safecracking
Also (re)released in 2006: The Missing Pieces (In Another Land), Maximum Son. See the discography.

100. Conscription 2007 (SRA)
101. Lost Unto This World (SRA)
102. Face To Face
103. Pot O' Gold
104. People! The Reunion Concert 2006
105. Sixty - The Trilogy Concert
106. You Are Not My People
107. Motorola Corolla 2
Also (re)released in 2007: I Love You Korea (People), So Long Ago The Garden, On Tour, Stop This Flight, Down Under (But Not Out), White Blossoms From Black Roots, Home At Last, The Best Of Larry Norman (Royal Music). See the discography.

108. Rebel Poet, Jukebox Balladeer: The Anthology
109. The Colossus Of Roads
Also (re)released in 2008: Upon This Rock, Only Visiting This Planet, So Long Ago The Garden, In Another Land, Stop This Flight (in 9CD MEP box), Down Under (in 9CD MEP box), Rehearsal For Reality (in 9CD MEP box), The Best Of Larry Norman (in 9CD MEP box). See the discography.

110. Rough Mix Audio Pack (SRA)
111. Covert Field Report (SRA)
112. Tactical Maneuvers (SRA)
113. Live At The Cavern Club
Also (re)released in 2009: Upon This Rock?, Only Visiting This Planet?, So Long Ago The Garden?, In Another Land?, 9. Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners, Something New Under The Son, Live Box Set (both Flevo CD's), Stranded In Babylon. See the discography.

114. Solid Rock Army 2010 Disc 001 (SRA)
115. Solid Rock Army 2010 Disc 002 (SRA)

116. The Girl With The Golden Hair (SRA)
117. Magnetic Real - The Living Room Tapes, vol. 1, 1963 (SRA)
118. Digital Masters
119. Shake Your Rattle And Crawl
Also (re)released in 2011: Maximum Land, Rough Mix 2 (Something New Under The Son). See the discography.

120. Magnetic Real - The Living Room Tapes Vol. 2 (SRA)

121. Magnetic Real - The Living Room Tapes Vol. 3 (SRA)
122. Magnetic Real - The Living Room Tapes Vol. 4 (SRA)
123. Shepherd Of Green Pastures (SRA)

(Re)released in 2014: Street Level, Bootleg, Christmastime. See the discography.

124. The Hum Of Diesels
125. The Salt Of The Sea
126. Magnetic Real - The Living Room Tapes, 1963
127. Sierra Romeo

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Larry Norman sang on two songs with Sarah Brendel on her 2008 CD "Early Morninghours" ("Back To The Dust" and Norman's "Walking Backwards"). These duets were the very last songs that Larry Norman recorded, probably in early 2008. Click here for a Youtube clip of the song "Back To The Dust".

Solid Rock Army members had online access to various concert recordings, which could be downloaded (including artwork). All of these recordings came from bootlegs and were included in a series of (at least) five 'issues':

- 1973 - Royal Albert Hall
- 1978 - Kansas
- 1977 - Wellington, New Zealand
- 1977 - Oslo, Norway
- 1975 - Swan Sea, Wales

The above were available in 2011, there could be more. General available were these concert recordings (downloadable from and for some limited time on CD-r without artwork):

- 1970 - The Way Inn
- 1984 - Rotterdam

In 2013 the LP/CD "Trouble Is A Lonesome Town" was released by recording project Thriftstore Masterpiece, a project initiated by Charles Norman (as Charles Normal). This tribute to a Lee Hazlewood album from 1963 features various artists and Larry Norman sings on two tracks ("Ugly Brown" and "Trouble Is A Lonesome Town"). Larry Norman's passing put the project on the back burner. 2012/2013 saw the continuation and finishing of the project.