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- A new Larry Norman LP/CD release - shown and reviewed here: "One Night In Norway - 1991"

- Version 8.1 of the discography can be downloaded on page 2 (it's free).

- Larry Norman's Bandcamp offerings are integrated in the discography and in these website pages.


Page 1 - Introduction (scroll down)

Page 2 - The discography (PDF), historical sketch, recommendations & buying tips

Page 3 - All post-2003 albums

Page 4 - The disturbed wisdom of the two times seven albums

Page 5 - Some originals of songs covered by Larry Norman

Page 6 - New releases on Bandcamp




In 1996 I started working on a Larry Norman discography that grew into a massive document within a couple of years. Early 2004 this all came to a sudden end, when for some reason it seemed to me that Larry Norman was trying to frustrate my efforts by releasing more albums than I could possibly keep up with.

OK, not true of course, but Larry Norman's discography had gone over the top completely. Back in 2003-04, I found this very discouraging, even more because most of this endless stream of releases was of little to no interest to me.

Then, in 2014, I found myself working on a few Larry Norman albums, listed on Discogs and before I knew it, I had purchased three singles and an LP and I felt like working on the discography again. Apparently there's some kind of addiction involved!? Of course, what makes a difference, is that it all calmed down after the passing of Larry Norman. In the last couple of years only a relatively small number of CD's were released.

So this is what became of it: a few Larry Norman webpages that offer you the Larry Norman discography more or less like it was back in the day (as a PDF-file, see page 2). I decided not to add all 'new' releases to the discography; instead I focused on the titles that were already in the discography. New reissues of old(er) albums have been added, as well as previously unknown releases (like the acetates that were sold on eBay). However, to give easy access to the post-2003 releases, I've added a page which lists these titles (see page 3) and all titles are clickable for more details. Page 4 lists the 14 albums which at some time were Larry Norman's planned body of works (his life's work?). Page 5 presents a few original performances of songs covered by Larry Norman and page 6 lists all new Bandcamp releases.

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Robert Termorshuizen
Jan. 2015/Sept. 2021