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Handwritten cover with details about the 2 times 7 albums cycles



  • These images are available as bonus files to the "Something New Under The Son" download on Bandcamp.
  • The information on this LP cover was written in June 1978, though the 8 can be seen as a 9 as well... Close inspection suggests an 8 though.
  • The years given with the album titles are recording years, though not completely accurate.
  • The numbers behind the album titles indicate the number of songs on the album (the same numbers are shown in the string of characters on the "Something New Under The Son" inner sleeve), though the actual numbers of songs on the known albums are different. It indicates what Larry Norman originally had in mind for his albums - they were rarely released like Larry Norman intended. Oddly, even the number of songs given for albums like "Street Level" and "Bootleg" are different. "Street Level" even had two releases; the first had 9 songs, the second 10. According to the above image (and the string of characters on the "Something New Under The Son" inner sleeve), "Street Level" has 12 songs. Only "Something New Under The Son" has a corresponding amount of songs (including "The Tune").
  • Larry Norman had a fascination with numbers and some study is needed to explain all of their meanings.
  • The whole two cycles of albums included 174 songs and 99 (3x 33) for the released albums (the first cycle plus "Something New Under The Son" from the second cycle). The titles of the abums for each cycle consist of 33 words (according to the annotated booklet: "Jesus ... was crucified when He was 33").
  • "The Tune" is the last (99th) song of the released albums. It came out in 1983 on "The Story Of The Tune", Phydeaux ARF-99 (!). The back cover reads "The Tune (song number 99)". This song was intended to be released on "Something New Under The Son" but was eventually released on a single album in 1983 (with bonus tracks).