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You Are Not My People
Solid Rock SRR-001, 2007

This CD-r is compiled from the two "Live At Flevo" albums (#29 and #39). It includes a studio version of "Jesus Freak" as a bonus track. This CD is similar to "Road Rage", see album #66 in the discography. This title was made available on the Bandcamp website, on March 1, 2023 (both versions of "Jesus Freak" were omitted).

01. My Feet Are On The Rock

02. Be Careful What You Sign

03. Twelve Good Men

04. Let The Rain Fall Down

05. Six Sixty Six

06. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus

07. Everybody Work

08. Why Should The Devil

09. Shot Down

10. The Rock That Doesn't Roll

11. Sweet Song Of Salvation

12. Messiah

13. Bombs

14. Jesus Freak

15. Jesus Freak (Studio)