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Solid Rock SRD-776, 2004

This is volume 6 in the Essential series. The listing below shows the song titles and their additions as given on the u-card. The CD needs to be checked, to be able to integrate it in the discography. This album is available as a download on Larry Norman's Bandcamp pages.

01. Oh Lydia

02. Righteous Rocker (fast version)

03. She's A Dancer

04. I Don't Wanna Lose You (video synch version)

05. Deep Blue (studio version)

06. A Camel In A Needle's Eye (alternate version)

07. The Same Old Story (alternate vocal version 2)

08. A Keeper For My Heart (edited version)

09. He Really Loves You (American version)

10. A Woman Of God (extended alternate studio version)

11. Somewhere Out There (edited version)

12. Baby's Got The Blues (European edit)

13. Hide His Heart (European edit)

14. Center Of My Heart (studio version)

15. Love Is A Commitment (European version)

16. Waves Of Grace (bonus track)

17. Stranger Won't You Change (bonus track)

18. Endless Life Of Dreams

19. Talkin' About Love (edited)

20. A Woman Of God (alt. vers. no vox)