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Solid Rock SRD-773, 2004

This is volume 3 in the Essential series. The listing below shows the song titles and their additions as given on the u-card. The CD needs to be checked, to be able to integrate it in the discography. This album is available as a download on Larry Norman's Bandcamp pages.

01. My Feet Are On The Rock

02. Country Church, Country People

03. When All My Dreams Are Ending

04. Sitting In My Kitchen (San Francisco version)

05. Soul On Fire (San Francisco version)

06. Blue Shoes White (unreleased version)

07. Hymn To The Last Generation

08. Come Away

09. If You Don't Love The Lord

10. Letters To The Church (bi-polarized version)

11. Here Comes The King (European version)

12. You Shall Be Saved (studio version)

13. When The Son Comes Back (edited version)

14. Children Of Lugoj (unreleased edited version)

15. Down The Line (unreleased video synch version)

16. Give It Up

17. Everybody Work

18. Leave It Up To God To Handle