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And The Rampion Runs Wild (The Cottage Tapes - Book Two)
Solid Rock SRD-702, 2004

Second compilation album from the One Way days (early 1970's). See album #47 in the discography for "Book One" and albums #4 and 5 for "Street Level" and "Bootleg".

The songs marked with an asterix were also included in 'Book One' of "The Cottage Tapes" (though not necessarily the same versions). The CD also contains eight selections by Randy Stonehill (live); they are not listed below.

On April 2, 2023, this title was made available as a download from Larry Norman's Bandcamp pages. This download album included five live bonus tracks, all from Stonehill's "Judgment Day At Speedee Mart" (not listed below either).

01. What Goes Thru Your Mind*
From "Bootleg"

02. Why Doncha Look Into Jesus*
From "Street Level" - 2nd version, also on "Bootleg", shortened

03. I've Searched All Around The World*
From "Street Level" - 2nd version

04. Sigrid Jane
From "Street Level" - 1st version

05. She's A Dancer
From "Street Level" - 1st version

06. Taking My Time*
From "Bootleg"

07. Six Sixty Six
From "Bootleg"

08. Blue Shoes White*
From "Bootleg" (live)

09. Even If You Don't Believe
From "Bootleg"

10. Without Love You Are Nothing*
From "Bootleg"

11. With A Love Like Yours
From "Bootleg"

12. Peacepollutionrevolution
From "Street Level" (live)

13. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends
From "Bootleg"