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Solid Rock SRD-775, 2004

This is volume 5 in the Essential series. The CD needs to be checked, to be able to integrate it in the discography. This album is available as a download on Larry Norman's Bandcamp pages.

01. The Man From Galilee

02. Riding High

03. Nightmare

04. Be Careful What You Sign

05. The Outlaw

06. Shot Down

07. The Sun Began To Rain

08. Warch What You're Doing

09. Letters To The Church

10. Galaxy

11. It's Only Today That Counts

12. Under The Eye

13. Put Your Life Into His Hands

14. White Trash Stomp

15. Goodbye, Farewell

16. Selah

17. The Troubles

18. He Is A Friend
With Randy Stonehill, studio recording

19. I Love You
With Randy Stonehill, live

20. Is God Dead

21. Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn