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Underground Manouevers
Solid Rock SRD-869, 2005

Another compilation album, featuring live and studio recordings. This CD needs to be checked, to be able to integrate it in the discography. This album is also available as a download from Larry Norman's Bandcamp pages.

01. Jon's Blues / Stop This Flight
With the Young Lions

02. Forget Your Hexagram

03. Shake Your Rattle And Crawl

04. You Shall Be Saved

05. Slave Song Medley

06. The Rock That Doesn't Roll

07. That's What Love Is For

08. More Than A Dream

09. Australian Haze / Crossroads

10. The Outlaw
Solo recording

11. Letters To The Church
With the Young Lions Wheeze (?)

12. The Road And The Sky

13. Song For A Small Circle
Solo recording

14. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
With the Young Lions

15. In The Garden

16. Stranger

17. Messiah
With the Young Lions

18. Father Of All

19. Love Medley

20. Cup Of Water Sermon / Why Can't You Be Good?

21. If God Is My Father

22. We Three Together / The Wabbit And The Twain