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Live At The Elsinore
Solid Rock SRD-605, 2005

2CD live concert, recorded June 24, 2005 in Salem, Oregon. #605 is not shown on the release, it was once shown on the Larry Norman website. See below for the Elsinore Rehearsal CD.

This album is available as a download on Larry Norman's Bandcamp pages; the volume of the band set has been adjusted and there are more track splits. The song "Last Time" has been omitted (Rolling Stones cover, covers are not allowed on Bandcamp), "Beatles Montage" is still there.

1-01. The Great American Novel

1-02. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

1-03. Reader's Digest

1-04. Let The Rain Fall Down

1-05. U.F.O.

1-06. Six Sixty Six/God Part III

1-07. I Wish We'd All Been Ready

1-08. Maggie/Beatles Montage/Drinking Gourd

1-09. The Outlaw

1-10. African Gospel Acappella/Lay Your Hand On Me Jesus

2-01. Little Wabbit

2-02. Few Days With You

2-03. The Moon's A Harsh Mistress/One Way/I Am A Servant

2-04. Standing Here Today

2-05. Song For My Piano

2-06. Dance Before The Throne/Train/Can't Get That Stuff/Why Don't You Look Into Jesus/Watch What You're Doing/Twelve Good Men/ Last Time/Why Should The Devil



Front cover of the Elsinore Rehearsal CD which was given away to those who purchased front row tickets to the 2005 Elsinore concert in Salem. In the week leading up to Larry Norman's concert at the Elsinore theatre, the musicians involved gathered for final rehearsals, much of which were recorded.

Songs featured on this CD:

01. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
02. Why Should The Devil
03. Good Men
04. Watch What You're Doing
05. Can't Get That Stuff No More
06. The Last Time
07. Highway Patrol
08. Mystified
09. Piano
10. Standing
11. Drinking Gourd

This album is available as a download on Larry Norman's Bandcamp pages, but "The Last Time" has been omitted here too, and so is "Highway Patrol" (a cover of a Red Simpson song from 1966, also covered by Junior Brown, whose version probably modelled for the Elsinore cover).