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Motorola Corolla 2
Solid Rock SRD-67, 2007

Early songs, demo's and snippets, mostly from the "Birthday For Shakespeare" musical so it seems, and it's the continuation of "4 Track Motorola - '66 Corolla" (album #85). The recordings are from the 1960's. Many titles in the booklet show references to plays by Shakespeare, these are given below.

Songs #1, 2, 4 and 22 can be found in an unedited form on the Bandcamp album "The Flies Stink". This album is a reissue of a demo reel-to-reel tape by the Flies. See "The Flies Stink" (album 129). On "Motorola Corolla 2" these songs are not credited to the Flies.

The "Motorola Corolla 2" album is also available on the Bandcamp website. "1-0411-7-6", "1-0411-7-7" and "1-0411-7-11" are unlisted, as they are covers of Agape songs ("Happy" and "Man") (and covers are not allowed on Bandcamp), but they were included in the download nevertheless, at least for some time. "1-0411-7-15" has been subtitled "(At The End Of The Age)" on the Bandcamp album.

01. Sinking In Deep Blue
The booklet adds "from the Antony and Cleopatra segment" to the song title. This is an early and previously unknown (short) version of "Deep Blue". It was released first on the "Barking At The Ants" LP (see album #15 in the discography). Possibly a 1978 recording and meant for the unreleased "Island In The Sky" (see the page "The disturbed wisdom of the two times seven albums" for more information).

02. My Mind's Made Up
The booklet adds "from the Othello segment" to the song title. This song appears to be previously unreleased.

03. I'm A Prisoner Of Your Love
The booklet adds "from the Hamlet segment, sung by Ophelia" to the song title; another previously unreleased track (with an early fade-out).

04. Falling Asleep
The booklet adds "from Midsummer Nights Dream" to the song title. A moody instrumental demo where Larry Norman hums but doesn't sing any words. Previously unreleased.

05. Be Aware Of Your Breathing
The booklet adds "from the Hamlet segment" to the song title, like track 03 a reference to Shakespeare's tragedy "Hamlet". Previously unreleased but a very short segment (0:16).

06. 1-0411-7-4
A songs with an archive number, indicates an unknown song title. This is a previously unreleased track.

07. 1-0411-7-5
A short segment of 0:13 min.

08. 1-0411-7-6
09. 1-0411-7-7
08 and 09 are one continuous track. Larry Norman gives the title "Do You Want To Know The Reason Why" in the booklet, but this is actually a cover of the song "Happy" by Agape. Previously unreleased.

10. 1-0411-7-11
Previously unreleased cover of "Man" from the band Agape. It fades away at 1:46 and after a short gap, it continues with an unrelated instrumental part for some 30 seconds.

11. ...All I See Is You...
A short choral rehearsal (0:17) for the song "I'm So Glad I Know You Mary Jane", from the musical "Allison". The full version of this song (as "I'm So Glad I Know You") can be found on the 2CD release of "Upon This Rock" (album #3 in the discography).

12. I Want You To Know
Another short choral rehearsal (0:43); this must be from a People related session as Larry Norman writes in the booklet that it's a Gene Mason song which came out on the second People album ("Both Sides Of People"; album #2 in the discography). 'None of us in the band seem to remember what album the songs were on'... and, so true, as "I Want You To Know" is not on the 2nd People album. At the end the line " make you feel like a giant man" can be heard, this refers to the song "Giant Man" by People, which was released on the "Over & Out" version of "Down Under (But Not Out)" (album #24 in the discography). This song came from an unreleased acetate.

13. Change Into A Girl
The booklet adds: "from Romeo and Juliet Sequence". Lead vocals are not by Larry Norman. Previously unissued.

14. Berkeley Barb
Previously unissued short song fragment; the (full) song was intended for "Birthday For Shakespeare", but was left out according to the booklet. Oddly, it's featured on the "Alison" test pressing (as "Song Of Berkeley Barb"). Lead vocals are not by Larry Norman.

15. Being What I Am
The booklet adds: "from Richard III segment". A previously unissued rehearsal recording.

16. The Bases Are Loaded With Men
The booklet adds: "from the taming of the shrew". A previously unissued rehearsal recording. There's an acetate titled "Bases In My Life Are Always Loaded" (from c. 1968/69 - see "Upon This Rock" in the discography).

17. Wedding Gifts
The booklet adds: "this is from the wedding segment of the taming of the shrew". Full song, an unreleased recording, sung by one of the cast members.

18. Your Name In Lights
The booklet adds: "a short segment from Hamlet". Full song, previously unreleased.

19. Nothing Really Changes
An early acoustic recording of the song that ended up on "Upon This Rock" (album #3 in the discography). "...not from any musical" according to the booklet. This is another version than the demo recording featured on the CD versions of "Upon This Rock" (though I'm not sure if all the demo versions on the CD versions are actually the same).

20. 1-0411-7-13
Could have been titled "Lord, Forgive Me", previously unissued and again not from any musical. Early fade out.

21. 1-0411-7-15
Previously unissued song, a mystery to Larry Norman himself: let's call this "At The End Of The Age".

22. Nickel In The Pasture
This song is better known as "Peacepollutionrevolution" (first issued on "Street Level"; album #4 in the discography) but with different lyrics.