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The Flies Stink
Bandcamp download album, 2021

This mini album was transferred from a 1969 reel-to-reel tape and was offered as a digital download on the Bandcamp website in June, 2021. The song listing given above is not correct, the listing below is. Most songs have been released before on the Motorola CD's, but here the complete/unedited versions can be found (though there was some noise reduction applied). In general they sound better on this release. For more information on the Flies, see "Upon This Rock" in the discography.

01. Nickle In The Pasture
As "A Nickle In The Pastor" on the reel-to-reel box. This song was first released on "Motorola Corolla 2" (album #107) but it's better known as "Peacepollutionrevolution" (different lyrics), which was first issued on "Street Level" (album #4 in the discography).

02. My Boat's Sinking - I'm A Prisoner Of Love
"My Boat's Sinking" is "Sinking In Deep Blue" as can be found on "Motorola Corolla 2" (album #107). A later recording of this song (as "Deep Blue") was released on the "Barking At The Ants" LP (see album #15 in the discography). "I'm A Prisoner Of Love" can also be found on "Motorola Corolla 2" (album #107), as "I'm A Prisoner Of Your Love". Though the songs belong together in one track as on this Flies album, on "Motorola 2" the tracks are seperated from each other.

03. Drive Me Anywhere
This song first appeared on "4 Track Motorola - '66 Corolla" (album #85) in a very short, scetchy version. On this mini-CD a more definitive version can be found.

04. I'm A Man (my Mind's Made Up)
This song was first released on "Motorola Corolla 2" (album #107). It's some 30 seconds longer on "The Flies Stink".

05. Coal Paper, Ink And Brake Oil
A previously unknown song, sung by an unknown male singer.

06. Instrumental
This is "Falling Asleep" as it appeared on "Motorola Corolla 2" (album #107) in a shorter version.