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Covert Field Report
Solid Rock unnumbered, 2009

The eighth Solid Rock Army fan club release.

01. I Can't Take It Anymore
Previously unreleased (?); the song can also be found on the "Sierra Romeo" CD (2018)

02. That's When Jesus Knew
Earlier released on "The Best Of The Second Trilogy" (album #26, see the discography) and on "Breathe In, Breathe Out" (album #40, see the discography), this version could be either one of them or a different version.

03. Turn Turn Turn
This song was written by Pete Seeger, and became a hit record for the Byrds (1965). Norman's version was first released on "Copper Wires" (album #41, see the discography), but this is a different and much longer version. Could it be the same as the version on "American Roots" (album #64, see the discography)? This version is also on "The Salt Of The Sea" CD (also 2018)

04. Positively Like A Servant
From "Rock, Scissors Et Papier"? (album #59, see the discography)

05. We Three Twogether
From "Home At Last"? (album #28, see the discography)